Tuesday, December 20, 2005

All Stir Fry

Rest : All Stir Fry
Meal : Dinner
Date : sometime mid Dec 05
Location : Gordon House Hotel behind The Taj Mahal Hotel
Company : Felix Rocque,Montreal based Animator & Film maker

Experience : Got in around 9ish on a weekday. Seated almost immediately. The wait staff was quite attentive and we didnt have to wait for the menus.

Order : Felix wanted some Dim Sum and to do the Wok. But since the wok is unlimited we decided to skip the Dim Sum and go for the Wok (something i rarely do at this establishment)

Drinks : Kingfisher

Food :
First bowl : I went for Flat, red udon noodles with Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, onion shavings, done in Schezuan sauce with lots of garlic and peanuts.
Felix went for flat udon noodles in broccoli, beef, shrimp in a mild sauce.
Personally i thought it was quite good. The food was cooked quickly and the sauce was just the right amount of spice and taste. Was a good, safe, sauce to start with and build on. Felix liked his bowl as well.
Flat white udon noodles, thin noodles, mushrooms, jalapenos, onions, with chili oil, chili flakes, garlic and peanuts
Felix went for flat udon noodles, chicken in Singapore sauce as well.
The bowl wasnt too bad. Singapore is a tomato based sauce in the medium category so it isnt as hot as Schezuan but it is tasty. Different but still quite similar to the Schezuan. I enjoyed it quite a lot, Felix liked it too but decided it was too spicy for him.
Third & last : I chose, thin noodles, mushrooms, onions in Kung pao sauce with chili flakes, garlic and peanuts.
Felix chose thin noodles, beef, onions in mild sauce.
Now this was good. It wasnt spicy which is sad, but it was quite a taste explosion. The addition of chili made it a bit hotter than it is but the taste itself was quite exquisite. Immensely enjoyable. Felix went back to his mild sauce so i reckon he liked it or was too scared to try anything else.

Overall : I would give the Schezuan a 8/10, Singapore 7/10, Kung Pao 9/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 950 ($20)

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