Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Rest : Chetna
Time : Dinner
Date : Dec 11th 2005
Location : Rampart Row
Company : Gautam

Experience: People, listen to your parents. My dad told me not to go there coz its a waste of time. However the first chance i got i did. The restaurant has some nasty yellow lighting, the decor is ok, old. Kind of befitting the upcoming down ward spiral of a meal.

:Two thalis

: Aquafina, Buttermilk

Food: Ok. So we finally did it and made it to this restaurant. There were reasonable amount of people there a lot of them foreign tourists or expats. I do feel sorry for them. The meal starts of with buttermilk and everything was downhill from there. The thali meal usually follows a strict pattern which is they have 2, Indian horse d' ouvers, 4 vegetables, one curry, one dal, three kinds of indian bread, 2 kinds of rice, and two desserts. Nothing was worth talking about, all half heartedly prepared and seemed kind of forced. The choice of veggies was pedestrian in taste, presentation and combination. The rice and dal were ok but it would be difficult to screw it up but im sure they tried. The dessert was strictly ok, nothing to write home about.
Dissapointing as it used to be quite a popular restaurant. The wait staff were friendly and polite, pity you cant eat them.

: I would give the food a 2/10 Service 6/10.

Damage : 300 INR ($7.50)

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Anonymous said...

You're bang on about Chetna. The place seems to be confused between being a 'thali joint' or a regular restaurant. For a thali there are definitely better places like Rajdhani or Panchvati Gaurav.
- Salil

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