Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dome Monsoon Menu Preview

The Dome at the Inter Continental just added a monsoon menu and yours truly was lucky enough to be invited to sample it.

The Dome holds many memories (RG's at the old Natraj, is where i first had a vodka coke and where i officially hit on Mrs.Jain) so its always nice to come by. While i have been here often, it was the first time i was there whilst the sky was blue.

The monsoon has a few new dishes and they also serve Moet at 950 a glass/6000 a bottle. While i am personally a fan of Tattinger the Moet was delicious.

The stuffed Bhavnagri Chilli was delicious, i recall having something similar at one of Rahul Akerkars places but cant recall which one.

The Monsoon Butta with lemon and paprika was pretty decent but a tad awkward to eat.

The Cajun mushroom with water chestnut skewers was okay.

Veggie skewers with pineapple. It was okay but pineapple needs to show up on more skewers man. Missing are the cottage cheese skewers in rosepetal chutney, while i did not discern the rose petal it was terrific. Best of the lot.

Overall, the place continues to be a super attractive venue. They had someone playing some sweet jaazy tunes and the ambiance was terrific. Its quite an escapist environment.

The food is okay, i think there are way too many skewers, which can be unwieldy. The corn would be easier to eat if shredded. In any case the regular Dome menu is quite varied (actually a little cheaper too) Moet @ 950 a glass does not seem so expensive once you have dropped 1200 on cocktails at Ellipsis.

Its a great occasion place and certainly not for the faint of heart (and wallet) but deserves a visit, especially if you are wooing someone.

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