Thursday, June 28, 2012


Spent a few days in Delhi last week, ergo the silence. I dislike Delhi from the bottom of my heart, mostly because of the people. Its probably the air of menace, the willingness of people to get violently in your face which turns me off.

However Delhi is slowly turning into the capital that India deserves, as far as infrastructure is concerned. Two of the great things about Delhi is, it has the prettiest women of any place in the country, including Bombay. They also have an enviable range of dining options across the budget spectrum. Cheap street side food, to fine dine restaurants, to some awesome stand alone joints.

To start off, i got some Aloo-Tikkis at a highway side joints while traveling up and down the city.
The potato fritters spent at least 8 mins in the middle of that heated pool of oil.

Topped with yoghurt, sweet tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney. Fairly basic, nothing dramatic but boy did that simplicity work. Obviously its not good for you in any way health wise but taste wise it was exactly what you would expect a Tikki up North to taste like.

Our dear friend and hot shot book editor Ms.Dutta took us to Gunpowder in Hauz Khas, beware, this place is a 4 story walk up some narrow stairs. They serve mostly Malyali food from Kerala, i am a sucker for Appams as they are hard to find at lunch time in Bombay.

The curry was mostly an ishtew with mushrooms which was pretty awesome. Not a fan of green peas thrown in there, could have done without. However, a winner this one. The place itself is fairly basic, small, not too many tables, the menu is not too expansive either but the appams were soft and fluffy and the stew was delicious. Damage was about 600 i think.

got these brilliant choley bhature also on a highway side joint. These were just fantastic, not too spicy but just right. What was GREAT was the taste, it was just on the money.. plenty of people will take you to the BEST chaat place in Delhi but i think you could stumble into a pretty good one all on your own.

The Pot Belly is another one of those small roof top places that can only exist in Hauz Khas and Hauz Khas can only exist in Delhi.

They serve cuisine from Bihar, what we got was the Char Yaar Thali (four friend platter) pickle, some fried potato, rice and mixed lentils. Effing brilliant, like i said, the food in Delhi is just something else. 200 or so rupees. Deranged really.

Another one of the pleasures of Delhi is a Lassi in an earthen ware cup. Thick sweet, churned lassi with a generous topping of Malai (clotted cream) it could be a meal in itself. Things just taste that much better in an earthen ware cup be it tea or lassi they just go one better served this way. I had a really cold cup, standing outdoors under an awning in 45C/111F heat. A taste i will never forget !


The knife said...

ironically i am reading this as my post on lucknow with alu tikkis gets ready...but I agree with you on delhi...sometimes I have to stop myself while taking potshots at ddelhi and remind myself that work in a company where the power centre resides in delhi

Gaurav said...

Delhi has certainly grown on me, all my potshots are no directed towards the people of Delhi. Well, men to be precise.

The women are amazing as is the food.

Soham Shah said...

I hv never been to Delhi all my life :(

But hv heard lot many things about the delicious food that Delhi can serve .. You post proves that !

And of course about women of Delhi, they are always amazing :)

Soham Shah said...
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Soham Shah said...
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Gaurav said...

Hi Soham, nice hearing from you again. Delhi is great man, not too far from AMD you ought to go sometime. The food is amazing!

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