Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pizza By The Bay

Pizza by the bay is the new blue love child of Not Just Jazz by the Bay & Pizzeria. Post some weeks of renovation, they reopened recently.  Perhaps the only move made by the Narang's that has actually worked (and All Stir Fry) otherwise every restaurant they opened more or less bit the dust (Roti, Dosa Diner, Tides) 

The menu continues to be the same, lots more drinks available now in conjunction with Jazz.

Gone are the red and white table cloth, red walls and the pizzeria meets a brasserie feel. The new space is clean with blue accents, which makes it look like the inside of a cosmetic store. I personally dont like the new look at all. The old one was warm and hadn't changed in AGES. Also, cheapskates that they are there is still no air conditioning.

Bombay Masala, continues to be the best Pizza in Bombay. No question..

The Gnocchi was pretty awesome. Surprisingly in all my years have never gotten it before. Brilliant.

Overall, the food continues to be good, the service continues to be slow which means the status quo has been maintained. Unfortunately prices have gone up and the new d├ęcor sucks.

Will it stop me from going back? No, don't be ridiculous.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1100

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