Monday, July 02, 2012

Oye Kake

Rest : Oye Kakke
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Cawasji Patel Street, Walking distance from Horniman Circle

Quiet Sunday afternoon, we were scheduled to watch The Amazing Spider-Man but i just could not bring myself to doing it. Never been a fan of what Hollywood did with the character and its too early to re-boot the franchise.

In any case, i am quite an unabashed fan of dhaba/punjab style food, especially love Papa Pancho even though they have never gotten their act together service wise. Besides, since the wife hates Papa Pancho i try and score a dhaba meal when i can.

We parked up at Horniman Circle and walked around and stumbled onto Oye Kake, used to be Mathura before the change. Its small, loud and does not serve booze. They have some funny little pictures around as well as the requisite swords etc on the walls. Seating is extremely tight.

While i personally loved the steel plates and silverware, the fact that them plates slide around on glass tops is quite infuriating. I don't like chasing my food.

The menu is a large wooden/cardboard thing a la Papa Pancho, they have a thali option which is good if you arent with too many people. Otherwise they have a load of veggies and meals. A healthy menu.
The Chaas was effing brilliant, spicy, tangy and cold. Oh the goodness. Also made especially tastier, considering the lassis ordered all around the table were left untouched on account of being too sweet.

The Paneer Peshwari was recommended and it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Regret not stealing more from those around me.

The Kadai Vegetable was okay, no great shakes.

While they serve a boat load of bread options (except Roomalis) they also do a bread basket which contains one of each. Their Kulcha's are outstanding.

The Dal Makhani was nothing special, however the Rajma was outstanding, a must have with rice.

Overall, in all honesty, if you can get past the tight seating and the loud chatter, its not a bad place to do a quick meal. The food is not bad but its not quite great either. The menu is large and will take another try or two to figure out. A lassi that badly made is unforgivable and needs immediate attention.

The restaurant was full and their service was completely overwhelmed, things being forgotten, coming out way delayed, they could not handle all the action. So that is one area which needs to be seriously revamped.

Parking would be impossible on a week day lunch.

Food : 7/10
Service : 6/10
Damage: 950 (for 5)

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