Monday, November 16, 2009

Muhammarah @ Cafe Moshe

Muhammarah is a red dip, hot with a spicy after taste. Its middle eastern but unlike popular dishes from Turkey & Israel this one originates from Syria but has travelled across to the Mediterranean.

Its made with red peppers , olive oil, garlic and other ingredients. First introduced by Chef Moshe Shek at Cafe Moshe. His version is not as spicy and has a creamy texture, kind of like hummus.

Its healthy and goes brilliantly with Pita. Try it at any of the Cafe Moshe’s across the city, the one above was at the Crosswords location.


Aarti said...

Hi Gaurav,
I'm an occassional follower of your blog and I enjoy reading it. I need a little help and thought you would be the best person to ask. I'm looking for a place in Bombay that serves very good cheese fondue. If you could recommend a few places to me, both in town and the suburbs, and give me an idea of the damages, it would be great.

Gaurav said...


im doing this from Hong Kong so i hope you will follow the blog more religiously :)

Fondue can be had quite a few places but the good ones i know of are all in town

Moshes @ Cuffe Parade is by far shoulders above all, they not only do a great job but they also offer multiple options. Some of their Moshe's Cafe outlets offer them too.

Indigo Deli does a good one but they offer only gorgonzola i think. You can try the Indigo Deli in Andheri see if they have it there.

There are a few others i have tried and on the whole they have been mostly horrendous.

Enjoy and do let me know your experience.

Aarti said...

Hi Gaurav,

Actually your blog serves an excellent reference whenever I plan a special meal out. Dunno what I would do without the ready reckoner! :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I think it'll be Moshe's for me. I preferred somewhere in town but the only place a Google search threw up was Out of The Blue. I'll be thinking of you when I have the fondue. Thank you very much!

Gaurav said...


The fondue at Out of the Blue should come with a warning....

do let me know how your meal was, i look forward to hearing your experience.


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