Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go East young man.. Hong Kong

Was in Hong Kong for a days work and flew in and out. The food scene in HK is quite vibrant and they have some big guns in the city like Alain Ducasse with his Spoons and Nobu both at the Intercontinental.

Hong Kong is a ultra urban metropolis with a healthy mix of cultures, like most big cities, food is a big part of its existence. Unfortunately i didnt have the time to check out the various options due to want of time.

a list of my meals -

DSC05523Kingfisher Airlines, served a great meal, it was some potato curry with lots of garlic, paneer in spinach with some pulav and naan. i almost exclusively drink tomato juice on flights.

VA took me out for a brilliant meal to a restaurant he frequents and got us some brilliant potato curry with pineapple rice (served IN a pineapple ) and some som tam salad. It was excellent, it always helps to have someone with an inside track.

DSC05545 I got hungry around 5ish and picked up some stuff from Marks & Spencer, a nice hummus and pepper sandwich, feta cheese salad (that i ate without a fork) and my fav thing, sparkling orange soda.

DSC05547A bloody mary in the hotel bar, below par.



I ended up at TGIF (hey, it was 11, i didnt know where i was going and i was REALLY REALLY hungry)


i got some ridiculous fajitas and an even more ridiculously strong margarita

DSC05563a traditional breakfast in the morning, cold soba noodles and tofu with soy, not too bad. Not my idea of an ideal breakfast ( see the pancake creeping out of there) but it was not bad at all.

DSC05564there is no such thing as too much orange juice.. is there?


Again KF outdid themselves with their meal, the Chana Masala was with bits of Paneer, the Paneer makhani was in an onion tomato gravy and very tasty. the salad was crap but the boondi and pineapple raita was brilliant. the chocolate torte was very flavourful.


Interesting name for a drink (the best one i think is Pimp Juice) , my friend Loki who spent 10 days in HKG told me about it and i got him a bottle. Its actually very electrol like in taste.

Overall, HKG was an impressive if short trip. Hopefully do a longer trip soon and try out some more local fare.


The Girl from Lokhandwala said...

Hey...HK is very close to my heart. Had spent 2 weeks there and really miss it now. Went to the Stanley Market for great Thai food and street shopping, HK Central for pubbing and Egyptian food, and a district whose name I cannot remember for Japanese food and Mongolian stir fry...a mesh of great foodie experiences.

Gaurav said...

thanks for your comment.

i enjoyed HK immensely, i have friends there but mine was a very short trip so didnt get to interact.

will be back there in Feb '10 again so will spend some more time maybe.

all talk and no action said...

HK is a fab place. Did you get a chance to visit Ebeneezers and try out their Falafels?

They are lip smacking !

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