Sunday, August 23, 2009


Rest : Olive
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Turf Club, Mahalaxmi

Olive opened on this side of the suburban divide a while ago. Since then, i have been there a couple of times but never for a serious meal (until last night). The Bandra Olive has been the THE place for the Bollywood crowd which is why i avoided it for the longest time (and the fact that it was across the pond)

The Mahalaxmi joint is closer to home at the Turf Club. In fact it is right next to the stables and is done in the regular Mediterranean white washed style, not a patch on the Bandra Olive which is unfortunate.

They have always had a sense of style which is good because we dont have near enough stylish places in this city. Food wise though, they have always fallen flat. If one wants a proper gourmet meal the options are limited, Indigo, Zodiac Grill maybe but not Olive. Olive is for the tamasha (pageantry)

True to their name they offer a selection of black and green olives along with a selection of breads. Fun to munch on Olives, the breads too are okay, same as the ones they serve in Bandra.

Had a pretty decent Bloody Mary, however a horrible Margarita was served to the wife which was duly sent back.

The Feta salad was bunch of green leaves, almonds and feta cheese. Nice, just wished it had more feta cheese though...

The Asparagus was served with Gorgonzola, a little dry pate on a mushroom. Very good !

We shared the entrees, the mushroom crepe was pretty good, you really CAN'T screw up mushrooms and cheese though... The risotto was grilled vegetables and was utterly bland. It was highly recommended which didn't help much. My other choice would have worked out much better im sure.

My dessert was the Rose Panacotta with Jasmine Tea Jelly, not bad.

The Tiramisu the wife said was non-existent, she found no flavor or taste, just a smattering of Cinnamon and a lot of fluff.

Overall : Olive is a big disappointment, honestly though i expected it as they have never been about food. ,The wife likes her Italian which is how we ended up there. I found little worth talking about, the food was average as was the ambiance. The service is aloof but acceptable.

None of the good stuff was memorable in any way either.

If someone wants to grab a drink or two on a good night to check out the scene head to Olive. For a good culinary experience head elsewhere.

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 3000

Amateur Riders Club
Mahalaxmi Race Course
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav, What is your email address?

Sita, Mumbai Editor,

Anonymous said...

Let me know at

Gaurav said...
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The knife said...

thanks for the was a serious contender for a special dinner on sarurday night. Went to Thai Pavilion instead and had a magical time

Gaurav said...

yeah chief. def worth a miss as far as the food is concerned. I have been there on the odd Sat night and its def a okay place to have a drink.

Thai Pavilion, i saw your post, good stuff.

The knife said...

Thanks. Good stuff was all their's.

Haven't been to the bandra olive in more than five years. I believe its quite noisy. And neither of is much of a drinker food has to be at the centre

Anonymous said...

hey but i loved the pizzas at dis olive... the bandra one se better done up this seemed to me
had some new 'scheme' too recently....

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