Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hyderbadi Food Fest at ITC

Rest : Hornbys Pavilion
Loc : ITC Grand Central, Parel
Meal : Dinner

Was honored with an invitation to dinner from the very beautiful Kulsum Begum who happens to be a master chef with the ITC chain and specializes in Hyderbadi cuisine. She is also a family friend and is running a festival till the 20th of August at the venue.

I have been fortunate enough to have dinner at her apartment many a time from simple khichadi to salans, the food has mostly been fairly incredible.

The buffet was quite heavily laden, covering Hyderbadi dishes as well as an assortment of other dishes including an assortment of salads, cheese, Sushi, dips, etc. I started with the dal tikki, curd rice, a kofta that looked like gulab jamun(a popular dessert) and a potato dish.

the food was extremely rich in taste and texture although the vegetarian selections were somewhat limited. lets face it, Hyderabadi is more about the meats and apparently there was all kinds of meat, my other dinner companions were very very happy.

There was also a yellow dal not pictured here, which had a lemon, garlic taste and was very different from your usual yellow dals. The biryani was not too bad and the black dal was allright.

There was a huge expanse of desserts of all kind, the ITC buffets dont leave you wanting for much and i have always found them impressive. Since this festival is more less like a family event for me, i have little to complaint about.

The service was very prompt and i would highly recommend the food festival if you are a carnivore. If you cant make it for this festival ensure you attend their breakfast buffet at least once, i dont think anyone in this city does it better.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 1500 per person.


Anjali said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you get good Tiramisu in Mumbai

Also where is the best place for a good buffet dinner/lunch or brunch with good varity of VEG and non Veg and Sea food

Gaurav said...

Good Tiramisu is hard to find in Bombay, its the wife's fav dessert. I would recommend the Indigo Deli, they do a fairly good one, it is in Colaba near the Regal Cinema.

Good Buffets hmm... okay

Hornbys Pavilion for Breakfast at the ITC

Busaba for a good lunch buffet

Jazz by the Bay for a soup and salad lunch buffet

I dont do too many lunch buffets but the above are a good set. You can also try some great set Sunday brunch buffets at Pan Asian at the ITC, Olive and Indigo.

I am a vegetarian so not into sea food however my friends swear by Trishna & Mahesh Lunch Home both in Fort.

The knife said...

you had quite a dawat... lucky you.

Copper Chimney, Worli has a good lunch buffet and I love their chaat counter

I'd not reccomend sea food buffets... buffet food normally is rehashed food and I've often been laid low by buffet fish.

Like Gaurav said Mahesh (butter pepper garlic crab)is good, there are a few at Bandra e such as sindhdurg and Highway Gomantak (vey crowded) and Saybaa (melt in the mouth Bombau duck fry and prawn fry masala) near Lucky at Bandra w. Gazalee at Vile parle is supposed to be good. Most have Mangalorean preparations. Oh Calcutta, Tardeo, is good for Bengali fresh water fish (Bhetki fry, chingri malai curry)and Salt Water Cafe at Bandra is supposed to have good continental fish. Restaurant 5 at Santa Cruz has a dish called grilled prawns which is to die for. I had some very nice and fresh Hongkong Fish at 5 Spice, Bandra yesterday. Britannia, open at lunch, at Horniman circle is a good bet for Parsi Patrani Machhi. China gate, Bandra has a very sinful golden fried prawns

Gaurav said...


it was allright, ive had better food at her dinner table :)

the recommendations are great !


The knife said...

no sweat ...I'll tap you if I need to give folks vegetarian reccos :)

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