Saturday, August 01, 2009


Rest : Bellagio
Loc : Opp Asiatic Library, Fort
Meal : Sunday Lunch

Bellagio is a small region near Lake Como known for its beauty and not really for its cuisine, that should have been the first red flag but being a Sunday morning the itch to try a new place got the better of us and we ended up at this relatively new eatery in the Fort area.

The place is small, with wooden panels, the tables are very close to each other and spacing is fairly limited. In a situation like this a restaurant has to either churn out some incredibly imaginative fare or conversely churn out the most pedestrian. The fist inquiry from the waiter was if we were Jains (second red flag) which we were but didnt want anything remotely Jain like and yes, it was all downhill from there.

The iced tea was pretty good but it was a shame it showed up half way through my meal

The bruschetta was just tasteless and horrible, the ricotta and spinach triangles were not triangles at all but rolls, with a tzatziki dip which really was not a tzatziki dip at all. Both utterly tasteless and boring. (How can you screw up a Bruschetta)

The salad of peppers and lettuce in some disgusting dressing. Over marinated peppers, the taste seeped into everything and the lettuce was not even fresh.

The spinach risotto came with CORN and was fairly below par, the cream overpowered the taste of everything else

The roulade in a tomato basil sauce was just like a punjabi gravy dish and if you thew paneer in there and supplied a Naan no one would miss a beat. A roulade has to be delicately set up, try Moshe or Basilico and theirs are incredibly done, tomatoish, sweet but very sharp. Nothing like that here, overdone heavy handed little dish.

Overall : Bellagio is terrible, the service is friendly but not very good. There was some sticky stuff on our table AFTER it was cleaned, i asked for a bread basket and got exactly four slices of bread measuring 1/4 of an inch....

Food wise its a massive flop, not a single dish was acceptable to anyone with a discerning palate,. Even people who like Indianized version of international dishes will not enjoy the food here because there is no real effort being put into it. New Yorkers, Cream Centre and Relish do a far superior job of localizing.

I for one, dont think i could ever come back in this lifetime.

Food : 3/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 1000

Im not even telling you where this monstrosity is.


The knife said...

thanks for the red flag

Vandana Rajesh said...

First time here..wonderful blog for a foodie who would like to explore the culinary delights that the magical city of Mumbai has to offer. In Mumbai now and surely looking forward to trying out some of the wonderful places.

Gaurav said...



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