Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My piece on Animation in the India Wall Street Journal

Hi Guys, i am a part of the animation industry as a content producer. I was invited to do a piece for the India Wall Street Journal and it can be found here

An update on the Royal Hyderabadi Food Festival is coming soon.



Anonymous said...

WOW-congrats! Must be a great feeling to see your photo in something as prestigious as the WSJ! Grest blog too! Best Wishes,Arindam.

K said...


thanks for your comments. it indeed is an honor i just wish the picture was better :)

shallu said...
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Sej (aka the Grinchluver) said...

Congrats-pretty awesome. And I love reading this blog-though I live out in the US I hope to try out (at least some of) these places on visits to Mumbai.

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