Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pan Asian - Sunday Brunch

Pan Asian is one of the ITC signature restaurants, the one in Delhi is highly rated and i feel the Bombay eatery does not get its due. I have never had a less than excellent meal there over the last few years. The only reason i dont go there often enough is the distance.

We went in for quite a grand Sunday Brunch and were surprised to see how full the place was. Its quite a large restaurant but every time we have been there its been mostly empty. Good thing we got reservations ( A must)

The spread is good but a tad too Japanese & Chinese heavy with some Thai. There is plenty to choose from, soup, 3 salads (som tam, some greens) 2 sushi options (carrot & cucumber) , 2 dim sums (carrot, corn), 3 entrees (garlic greens, mushrooms & baby corn, teriyaki potatos), thai curry, noodle & rice (i wish they had more than one)

The food is pretty good, dim sum being the only weak point, undercooked and not tasty enough. Sushi was just fantastic, refreshing and very tasty. The soup i avoided, the thai curry was excellent, as were the teriyaki potato's. The two veggie options were allright.

Some of the dishes are excellent, while some are just above average, this overall brings the meal down somewhat.

The dessert counter was expansive and above average.

Overall the meal was very satisfying, the food was more or less good, wish they had more variety but that is ok i guess.

The service which in my ITC going experience has always turned out to be friendlier and better than most other chains was as i expected, friendly, prompt and attentive.

Special mention of the cocktails. The best cocktails in this city, Bloody mary was excellent as was the Mojito. I could go there just for the cocktails.

It is slightly on the higher side price wise (3100 for 2 with drinks included)

Food 8/10 Service 9/10

Pan Asian
ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton & Towers
Sahar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 28303030

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Nandita said...

Hello Gaurav,
I was just telling hubby yesterday that it would be good to connect with you as you both seem like foodies of the highest order, just like us :)but since burrp doesn't have a service to connect members, it seemed to be a difficult thing.

And I love reading what you write too - Recently I got the idea of posting the burrp reviews on my blog too, just for record and also for my Mumbai blog readers...its really good to connect with a fellow foodie-
We'll be in touch, you can find my mail id on the blogger profile.

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