Monday, April 21, 2008

The Shanghai Club

The Shanghai Club is the Chinese restaurant at the ITC Grand Central. It is not very well known as it is located next to the very well known (justifiably so) Kebabs and Kurries. We got to the ITC hoping for something, anything and were told that KK was packed but they could seat us at Shanbhai Club and so it was.

The place is allright, its much much smaller than its Indian cousin and the ambiance is sort of out of the box Chinese. So not the most visually attractive place, the food however is good (not great)

We got the dumplings, steamed (excellent) served with two sauces, a soya based one and another a hot sauce.

We went right into the main course which was the stir fried veggies in a chilli bean paste and mushrooms (good) the golden garlic fried rice (good) the hakka noodles (allright)

no dessert or drinks. The food was good, the service was excellent, just a tad slow.

I would recommend a meal here anytime. Only thing i dont agree with is the pricing. A meal for 2 without drinks would run you 2500.

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