Friday, March 28, 2008

Rajdhani Snacklet

Rajdhani Snacklet
Meal : Post Movie Snack 10.30pm
Location : Metro Adlabs

Rajdhani is fast becoming a popular and widespread chain offering jazzed up environments for traditional cuisine. Most of their bigger joints are thali places but they have the express versions for malls and the snacklet version for standalone places where they arent pushing thalis.

This one is in direct competition with Swati both in ambiance and in food on offer. The food is mostly Gujarati, some Maharashtrian and otherwise mostly Bombay Fast food. The joint looks very up market and up scale, minimalist. Just like Swati & Soam their clientèle probably does not care if the decor goes with the cuisine.

The food itself is ok, nothing great as good as Swati if not better. We got the Chaas (good) the Masala Khichadi (ok, too much spice & potato) the Dahi Misal was not too bad.

All in all, ok stuff. They could do better i am sure.

Food 6/10 Service 7/10

Damage 210

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