Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kebabs N Kurries

Kebabs n Kurries is probably one of the best North Indian options in the city, add to that impeccable and friendly service and you have a meal worth experiencing. It is an amalgamation of the best kitchens of the ITC group and their most famous restaurant Bukhara (one of the 60 best in the world) contributes its recipe for Dal Bukhara here.

So on my way back from a meeting in the Eastern suburbs with no plans for lunch, by we decided to stop by for a quick working lunch.

Fortunately it was not too late and we got a nice little table and the menus were produced almost immediately. There isnt much to think about, on auto pilot we got the Dal Bukhara (490) which is probably gods favorite dal.

Instead of the usual Paneer this time we went in for the mixed veggies served with a relatively dry tomato gravy, corn and potato (690) this dish though not bad at all was a bit too spicy for lunch (have to work late, so its giving me trouble already) and it was not nearly as good as the paneer which is out of this world.

They have a separate menu for vegetarians and which is full of plenty of options.

The Garlic Naan & Roomali Roti were allright, their rice dish is very interesting, reddish yellow, very light, with dal and served with a side of yogurt.

Overall, the meal was fantastic, the service was great.

I do hope they change their menu soon as it needs a little work to keep it fresh, once you have been there as many times as i have, you do want a change.

On the other hand, i have mentioned places like Namak, Saffron, Dum Pukth, each has its specialties, so maybe they shouldn't change?.

So go there for the Paneer & Dal Bukhara, the great service and dont experiment too much.

Food 9/10 Service 9/10

Damage : 2800 for two without drinks.


Nandita said...

We haven't been here, but the menu sounds very similar to ITC's Peshawari in Grand Maratha...we've dined there twice and I dont feel like going a third time, for i like a bit of surprise element in food.
Last month we were in Peshawari, we had the paneer kurchan (hope i got the spelling right) and the saatdhan roti, with the dal bukhara ofcourse and a cabbage-raisin stuffed capsicum (grilled)..followed by the firni and kulfi..that was a fantastic meal indeed...our firang guest had the (shikampuri?)raan and he thought it was the best ever.

Have u been to Peshawari?

Those displayed labels makes browsing thru ur blog so much easier, and have to your blog from mine, so mumbai foodies can have fun!

Nandita said...

No reviews since a week?
I'm busy with Flickr nowadays! and my hubby posted two reviews yday (skeeedamnbee)

Gaurav said...


been busy at work. will post one from this weekend today. but haven't gone out much.

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