Friday, February 03, 2006

Starters and More - II

Rest :Starters and More
Meal : Dinner
Date : 2/3/2006
Location :Near Eros Cinema, Churchgate
Company : Vishal

Experience - We walked in around 8.30, seated right away. The wait staff made us wait a bit as well as didnt ask us for or serve water. Service was reasonable but nothing to be proud of .

Order - French Onion soup, Veg Platter, Jalapeno Poppers with Cheese

Drinks - Kingfisher, Ice tea

Food : Oh dear, that was a disaster. The platter came with reshmi kabab, fried wantons, mushroom quesadillas, something else completely abomninable and some corn fritter thing. Absolutely disgusting food, i could taste the oil on the wantons, the kebab was dry as sin, the , mushroom quesadillas were respectable, the abomination was just that, the corn fritter was below average as well. Quite disgusting food and we left almost all of it there. Ordered the cheese jalapeno thing to see if they were really that bad. It was just about average, but the thing is you cant really screw up cheese and jalapenos can you. I am sure they tried. The Ice tea was probably the best in the city however.

Rating : Soups 9/10, Ice tea 10/10, Food 2/10

Damage : 850 ($18)

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