Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shiv Sagar

Rest :Shiv Sagar
Meal : Snack
Date : 4/2/2006
Location :Kemps Corner
Company : Maxim, Feb.

Experience - Had this urge for a Dosa and since work got over early i decided to come home and then pop by Shiv Sagar for a dosa. Service is always quick here since quick turnaround is what these joints are based on.

Order - Plain Dosa, Onion Uttapam

Drinks - Thums Up (coke pfffttt)

Food : Both the Dosa and the Uttapam were great. The dosa was the right amount of crunchy. Perfect. i wish they had more Sambar though.

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 65 ($1.20)

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