Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Indian Summer

Rest :Indian Summer
Meal : Dinner
Date : 8/2/2006
Location :Marine Drive/Churchgate
Company : Bhavesh, Sumit

Experience - Not bad, an old city favouraite, havent been there in a long long time. Place was full even though it was a Wed night. Menus were quick, food was resonably quick as well. No problems, no complaints.

Order - Cheese corn balls, Paneer Kadai, Black Dal, Balti Vegetables, Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti, Steamed Rice

Drinks - Kingfisher, Thums Up

Food : Good consistent food. The paneer was soft and squishy, not too bad and spicy of course. The balti veggies were super spicy veggies though, i wouldnt order this again because the spicyness of it completely overpowered the taste. The Black Dal rocked !!! top notch. The garlic naans were nice and garlicy. The steamed rice well, first time ever having steamed rice with indian food. Dont like it.

Rating : Food 8/10, Service 8/10

Damage : Bhavesh treated us but i would reckon 1200 ($30)

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