Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Rest :Spices
Meal : Lunch
Date : 7/2/2006
Location :JW Mariott, Juhu
Company : Won Joon Lee.

Experience - Not too bad. The rudest thing is popping my hood, booth open for inspection. What a bunch of idiots run this place. If i really wanted to smuggle a bomb i could keep it under my seat, why not check there as well? Maybe the Govt of India is providing security. I dont mind popping the hood open, security is security but paying lip service to it is annoying. The wait staff itself is allright, no real complaints on them. Menus were prompt, the food took its time but not late just slightly longish. I dont like the decor of the restaurant much and would rather spend time at the much more lavish and better located Lotus Cafe.

Order - Sweet Corn Asparagus Soup, Miso Soup, Som tam, white rice with green curry, soba noodles and teriyaki sauce.

Drinks - Ice tea, Diet Coke

Food : Not bad at all. The soup was ok, the miso soup i was told wasnt all that. Som tam, nice, you cant go wrong with peanuts as i have said before. The green curry was fantastic, i forgot how superb tasting and yet spicy thai curries can be. Very good, The noodles werent too bad, but compared to the curry they seemed weak. On their own they do hold their own however.A good if not memorable meal.

Rating : Food 8/10, Service 7/10

Damage : 1450 ($40)

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