Thursday, August 08, 2013

New York Fries - Hong Kong - Diabolical

Stanley and the drive over there via Repulse Bay is one of the loveliest things about Hong Kong. Driving through you would not believe this is on the same concrete, glass and people fused island as the rest of HKG.

Its like driving through Florida to get to Lake Tahoe. Anyway we were there as a troop and while the women scoured the market the men were out looking for beers and a chair by the water. One of the boys started mumbling that he was sure there was a NYF around and began tweaking like a crystal meth addict. I was in no mood to have fries but i tagged along and boy was i glad i did. 

New York Fries, despite the name is actually a Canadian chain that serves large, LARGE portions with the skin on and topped with unimaginable delights. These are not your dad's fries.One can choose from Braised Beef, Pulled Pork, Butter Chicken or The Works. Poutine the classic Canadian version with curds and gravy too is available.

This is the veggie works, cheese sauce, sour cream tomato, spring onions and we picked up some malt vinegar to boot.Was it good, no.. it was great. The skin was on the fries which i love and you reall can't go wrong with cheese sauce and sour cream now can you.

It was positively the most diabolical thing i have ever seen in my 33 years. You MUST go to Stanley and when there you MUST get something at New York Fries. If you don't like it, ill refund your money. 

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