Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Din Tai Fung - Singapore

I love Din Tai Fung, its no surprise that their their Hong Kong outlets have earned Michelin Stars because they are a first rate Dim Sum House. Originally from Taiwan and now in several countries, I first discovered them with my friend Sam, who took me to their outlet at Wisma on Orchard. I have been back a few times since but this time i visited the outlet at the Paragon.  

at 12.30 there was already a wait and it took us about 20 mins to get a table. 

they started us off with some tea and some pickled ginger, the ginger really hurt my teeth. 

this is one of the secrets to having a kickass experience at DTF. The vinegar, leave the soya sauce alone and just go for the vinegar. you will thank me later. 

the dumplings were amazing, minced veggies, not so melt in your mouth but still fairly delicate. the vinegar just took this places you would want to go. 

Stir fried Kailan, a little bland but again, a worthy respite between courses. enjoyable long as you get at it while its piping hot. 

The noodle with spicy sauce was pretty good and they weren't kidding when they said spicy, though it hits you much later. The impossibly thin noodles with the hint of heat were almost Aglio Olio esque except for the distinctly oriental after taste. Don't forget to mix it up thoroughly before diving in. 

Overall Din Tai Fung continues to be excellent and going there now is a little tradition. Like most busy Asian restaurants food shows up as and when its ready so don't expect to go by courses. The trick i learned is that all Dim Sum is made to order and there is little prep other than the fillings etc. No frozen stuff here. 

Although this branch of the DTF is not starred, the DNA is clear and freshness is part of the plan.Their kitchen is as busy as the restaurant with nearly 20 odd people on different stations.

A meal for four without booze was about SG$80. By comparison a three course  lunch meal at the Michelin starred Iggy's is $85 +. Money ain't got nothing to do with good food.

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