Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Did someone say cheese

I've been a lover of cheese for as long as i can remember and have long lamented that not enough restaurants offer a cheese course in Bombay. Indigo Deli is my preferred supplier and i have a particular fondness for the Cheddar they stock. 

We certainly have come a long way from the days when Kraft's Cheddar was considered the high end. Anyway, this story is about the stash I got from WestSide, Kala Ghoda and the RRO Cheese Bar.

They have quite a commendable selection there and possibly the only reason why i would consider going to Westside anywhere and it was the only good thing that came of my visit to the Kala Ghoda Festival.

Since Mrs Jain is gone to her parents for bout ten days, i thought it would be the right way to fight of the loneliness that is bound to creep up (or reward myself) and so here we are with a Fontina, a Cranberry Stilton, Herbed Gouda and Brie. 

Good quality cheese should be treated and consumed with respect. My little cheeseboard consists of grapes, pimento olives, walnuts and crackers. A little baguette with some olive oil, which is not pictured here. 

The cheese was good, the Brie was amazing as was the Fontina, the herbed Gouda was a tad too experimental for my taste and i completely disliked the Cranberry Stilton. However that does not mean the cheese is bad, i got the Stilton for Mrs J who will appreciate it surely.

Overall, they have quite a wide selection of international cheeses and i think these i think are available online as well. The prices are between 250-400 per 100 grams which is a little over what you would pay at an Indigo Deli.. but then these are imports and if you fine one you admire, its not much by a long shot.

I was really keen on making a sandwich with marinated peppers and sun dried tomatoes and cheese but i realised i dont have any ingredients except the cheese and i hate the kitchen, so i put together another cheese board, the next night and the night after that and the night after that.

You get the picture !

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