Friday, March 22, 2013

The Pier

Rest : The Pier
Loc : Behind Radio Club, Colaba
Meal : Dinner

I first heard about The Pier when i received an invite to the T winnings tasting session, the invite mentioned the restaurant was as yet closed to general public. In any case, after learning on twitter that the place has good solid reviews, I thought i would check it out for myself.

The space is elegant, dimly lit with tables, booths, a large private dining area and best of all, a nice long bar.

The menu is largish and covers a lot of ground. At its heart the space is a high end bistro but the menu is more varied with and they even have some gourmet/cafe style eggs as well. 

The caiprioshka was wicked strong. 

and the bloody mary was delicious. 

they have a pretty stellar bread basket, the bread it turns out was freaking delicious as well. unfortunate that they charge for additional bread, which is a pet peeve for me. I am told they make their bread in house and unlike Serafina, their bread basket is at least worth paying for.

they do flavoured butters as well, the spicy red one is the best ! 

Mrs Jain bailed on the mushroom capuccino but i stuck to my guns and got me some French onion soup. delicious. served inside some garlic bread which you must break into. 

Mrs J ordered the stuffed portobello with cheese and broccoli. delicious, little thing this, the little side salad was pretty tasty too. 

The eggplant parmigiana with fried zucchini was pretty nifty. delicious. The scrambled eggs with truffles were bland though. 

The sundried tomato and ricotta ravioli with pesto was just something else. just stellar.. the dish had loads going on, with the pesto, the ricotta and then finally the sun dried tomato doing a little jig in my mouth. 

The cappuccino souffle with kahlua sauce was a great idea but needed just a tad more taste, the flavours were a little too subtle. not bad however. i like my soufflés and didn't mind waiting for it. 

The tiramisu was HUGE.. made me gasp when i saw it. easily enough for two people and more. Taste wise though, it could again do with a little more flavour, everything seemed a little too subtle.. hate looking for flavours.

Overall, the place is a very interesting idea. The décor  the presentation and the style is all high end. I loved their choice of bottled water.

Food wise it competes well with the Indigo Deli and Table, just needs a little more finesse which i am sure will come in the coming days. 

Their greatest strength lies however in their super aggressive pricing, which is pretty value for money, more so than most places in the area. Sing Kong last week too had competetive pricing, perhaps the restaurateurs are waking up.

Their long bar is also a plus, making it one of the few casual, restaurant+bars around Should be there Saturday night to hang around the bar and see how it goes. 

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 3000 for two with a cocktail each. 

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