Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sing Kong

Rest : Sing Kong
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Bandra/Khar

Sing Kong is the brand spanking new Pan Asianish eatery in Bandra located above Sancho, the iffy Mexican joint. The invitation came in and since i was in the suburbs already and the fact that they were having some of my fav food bloggers on the table, was all together too great a temptation.

The place has gray colored walls, large glass windows and a bar covered in turf (which i think is super cool) it apparently used to be a place called Tasty Tangles (unfortunate name for a restaurant) and the menu covers Sushi, Dim Sum & related mains.

Started off with a caiprioshka which was very mandarin heavy but it worked, was not difficult to sip on this considering the heat that has prevailed in the city of late. delicious.

the virgin mary (i was driving) was delicious as well, not like the horrible ones i was served at Land's End a week or two ago. 


This was the very interesting potato nest on a sugar cane stick, looked very cool and didnt taste too bad either. 

the cottage cheese was a tad dry but tasted allright. the wrapping was disgusting though. 

the cucumber and cream cheese was okay, not too bad but just too experimental. 

i did enjoy the asparagus, avocado and cucumber. nicely done. 

these were the other cottage cheese cakes and while they were enjoyable they were just too spicy to go in for seconds.
the may spiced corn fritters, very nice cream corn kind of flavours, pretty good. 

the spinach and vegetable dumpling was decent, but my take on dumplings is they are more about the dipping sauce then they are about the dumpling itself. atleast for vegetarians. 


This was the Frozen Margarita ordered by Nikhil Merchant but it was pretty much plundered by all of us to the point where he got another one with similar results.

the stir fried oriental greens were by far the weakest thing on offer unfortunately, the taste just did not sit right. 

The black pepper paneer too was strictly okay. 

the noodles were crispy and my guess is wok fried. delicious. 

Overall, the space is well laid out and the ambiance is pretty upmarket.

The food has promise, the appetizers are spot on, the Dim Sum & Sushi are good, the mains that i had need more work. However they have quite a large menu and we didn't try everything but there is something for everyone.

The pricing is aggressive and they should make a solid dent in the Five Spice space.

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