Sunday, October 07, 2012

Otto Infinito

Rest : Otto Infinito
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Bandra Kurla Complex

Been trying to make it out to Otto Infinito for a few days but it never really worked out. Fortunately i as in BKC for a busy afternoon and though located close to LPQ & CPK we decided to head on down to Ottto Infinito which is a few minutes away.

Moment i got out of the car i was hit up for 30 bucks for valet parking.. come on Otto.. really? no subtler way of doing this?I just happened to have cash but i live on my credit card.. the Four Seasons pulled this on me once and I pretty much left on general principal... this time I was with people so I had to behave.

The space reminds one of the Bandra Indigo Deli, they share a similar color scheme. Although its nice to be in a large pillar less space. Since it was 4pm the place was empty and we were lucky they were serving lunch.

The menu as the name would suggest is Italian/Mediterranean which is di rigueur for a cafe nowadays. There is a selection of the usual, soup/salad/appetizers/sandwiches/wraps/ pasta etc. The menu is wide enough to appeal to most diners, it is playing a little safe though.. a little risk would have been interesting.

The iced tea was okay, lemon only.. tad on the sweeter side, works better if you let people choose pour their own sugar syrup.

Everyone has their own Minestrone (250) recipe, theirs is not bad at all. Quite enjoyed it, throw in a little pasta in there and we really have something hearty, nonetheless good stuff.

The Mezze dip (295) consist of roast tomato which is pretty good, the labneh which was top notch as well. The moutabal and the hummus were not bad but the harissa was downright bad. They also serve some platters and salads which look pretty interesting.

The tagine (385) isnt something you find at many places around the city, (souk, olio, amadeus) this one was not bad at all, certainly among the better ones. It was certainly the smallest of the portions i have had, the couscous was good although im not a fan of pomegranate in my food.

The Quattro Formagi (595) comprised of gorgonzola, parmesan, scarmoza and goats cheese It was thin and delicious but i saw some broccoli in there and in the words of the great Wayne Knight/Newman its a 'vile reed' and it should come with a warning.

The tiramisu  (250) was creamy and quite ordinary.

The cafe mocha (110) was yummy all credit to whatever machine they used.

Overall the space is nice but quite unfortunately located in BKC of all places perhaps it will catch on. The layout and ambiance is upscale and comfortable, unlike most newer places the seating is unlike a can of sardines. 

The food is not bad but there is truly nothing unique on offer, except for the tagine one can get most dishes just about anywhere. A little risk, a little imagination especially for a new place would have gone a long way. Worth a go especially if you are in the area.

Service was quick and friendly but then we were the only ones there.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2400 for 2.


The knife said...

your photos seem to sum up 'nothing unique' a big fan of mid-eastern cuisine I was hoping for something more enticing to head to BKC for's the pricing...hakkasan types?

Gaurav said...

if you are in the area its probably a better bet than CPK or LPQ but i dont think i would trek up there just for a bite.

A 3 course lunch for two should be between 900-1200 a person. A 1000 bucks a head does not mean what it used to any more i guess.

Anonymous said...

Very well written Sir!

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