Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ice Cream Works

Rest : ice cream works 
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Phoenix Mills 

We were in Phoenix Mills to watch Looper, a super disappointing movie, to wash its weak taste out of the mouth we chose Ice Cream Works.  My last visit was pretty good (here) and we were hoping it would be just the tonic to salvage the afternoon. 

As mentioned before the most disappointing thing about Ice Cream Works is there name, while they do a boat load of Ice Cream & Yoghurt they are also do food which is actually pretty good. 

They do an interesting little Penne which is in a Marinara but also has Pesto, pretty good, served piping hot. 

The Pizza was wafer thin and delicious, although we chose Mozzarella, there was really very little Mozzarella on there. A bit disappointing.

The chocolate monstrosity chosen by my fellow diners was two scoops of chocolate, a cheery, some chocolate cereal i think as well as a Brownie. Not bad, not bad at all but a simple minded choice considering all else they have on offer.

I wish they would offer some size options like a Large or Regular so people can order smaller sized servings of some of their desserts. The truly interesting ones are just not for single chaps.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1800 


RK said...

I just had to comment... You have got to be the only person disappointed by Looper! For me, it was one of the best movies seen this year. Only disappointment in the movie was the unnecessary love scene... Brilliance all the way...

Gaurav said...

it was conceptually interesting but hardly original in the way it dealt with it.

what makes the film so different from most others is that though they had Bruce Willis in there it was still a $30million film not the biggest of budgets.. so i found the production itself interesting but just not the film per se.

it really had nothing to say and there was too much information which was glanced over (which is understandable but not quite forgiveable)

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