Monday, July 23, 2012

Breakfast @ Garware Club (BCA)

We woke up early last weekend and decided to go out for breakfast, however since Saturday is a full working day we decided not to venture too far and headed to my club. The Garware sits in the shadow of The Wankhede Stadium and unlike most other clubs in Bombay, Garware is relatively newer and has a smaller footprint. The entire complex was ripped out and has been under heavy re-construction for a while. In another two-three years they expect a few more restaurants to show up, which will be welcome.

We started with the Idly which was fairly ordinary, no great shakes. The Sambar & Chutney was spicy.

The chilli cheese toast is a must have, brilliant.
The Veg Club Sandwich too is a snack staple i have been gorging on since i was a kid. Back when i was a kid, it was daunting to think about finishing it alone, lot easier now.

Mrs J ordered the paneer pakoras, maybe coz it was a rainy day, not bad at all.

The whole thing was washed down with a Fresh Lime Soday.

Overall, the club is a safe space to dine out in, the food is usually pretty good if inconsistent but the snacks are always on the mark.

Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Damage : 250


Bhairav said...

Gaurav - my wife and I are members here, but I haven't been here for years! How is the food there now, the lunch/dinner fare?

Gaurav said...

Bhairav, i have had some great meals there and some very ordinary ones.

They are very inconsistent and the service on a busy night can be very very slow.

but i do go there every once in a while, especially as my dad likes it.
their snacks are always on the money though.

Bhairav said...

Thanks. Let me know whenever you want to go to Willingdon or Malabar Hill Club - it's on me! The pizzas at Willingdon are excellent, and the Indian food at MHC is right on the money.

Gaurav said...

Hi Bhairav,

you are too kind.

i was at the Willingdon for a breakfast meeting & again for cocktails some time ago.very nice. i might take you up on this one of these days.

are you in south bom?

Bhairav said...

Right up the road from you.. next to Antilia...

Gaurav said...

thats pretty close man..

amarjeet chawla said...

I am from kolkata, we are planning to take a short vacation trip to Bombay, can you please suggest about rooms in garware cc.

Gaurav said...

Hi Amarjeet, The Garware residences wing was constructed recently and the rooms i have been told are fairly large, spacious and comfortable.

We have used the space for our guests before but i personally have never been.

Its a great location and the prices are reasonable too. You do however need to be a member/affiliate to initiate a booking.

amarjeet chawla said...

Thanks for your suggestion, I am a member of their affiliate club.

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