Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tooting my own horn

Hi, i thought id toot my own horn a little. Following the Wall Street Journal piece i got interviewed by the Examiner (Detroit & LA) on the subject of animation and outsourcing within the Indian context.

the link is here


Madeline said...

Hello! First of all, I love your blog! There doesn't seem to be an "email me" button, however, so I'm going to get in touch with you by leaving a comment.

I'm a French journalist staying temporarily in Bombay, working on a piece for the Indian Express about French culture in the city. There don't seem to be any French restaurants (yes, yes, apart from the Zodiac Grill...) Could you prove me wrong? Otherwise, which Continental restaurants, in your mind, serve up the best French dishes? I don't have the funds to sample them all and would some input from the blogosphere's authority on good dining in Bombay.

If you answer, I'll get the email directly. Thanks very much for your help,

Gaurav said...


you can email me on gauravgjain AT Gmail.com drop me a line anytime.

I was in Paris this past summer. Loved it. I have a friend that works at the Indian Express.

Anyway, you are correct there are few if any French restaurants in the city. Its quite sad..

Zodiac Grill is one of course, Indigo seems French inspired in its approach.

They have another restaurant coming up called Tote which should be along the same lines but i cant vouch for it.

There is a strong bend towards Continental cuisine but i would say that French unfortunately does get left out.

Enjoy Bombay.

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