Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sula & Beyond

The Sula vineyards are spread across Nashik & Dindori and they have created a beautiful, landscaped little gem with an Italian restaurant (Little Italy) and a tasting room.

A long road with grape vines on either side leads to the main winery and other buildings.

the space is clean and well laid out, we got there at 10 am and not a soul was stirring. Used to early starts from Mumbai we were a little surprised to learn that nothing would happen until 11am when everyone showed up.

the buildings are like charming old bungalows yet there is a great mixture of modern glass and bright colors

everywhere the eye can see you see the planted vines spread across the landscape. It was unfortunately not the right season and we had forgo the actual wine tour, instead we toured the winery itself and got a lesson in how they make wine.

the tasting room is a an outdoors and indoors space where they offer a tasting of six wines and one can also sit and order cold cuts and cheese to nibble on while sipping other wines from the menu.

The wine tasting was fun, six glasses of Sula wines were on offer, having taken a class on wines i knew a lot more than the layman but it was fun to get a refresher. Of all the wines a Dindori Reserve Viognier was the best, great refreshing taste, sweetish but not too acidic.

For those who like them sweet an interesting late harvest dessert sweet Chenin Blanc was also on offer. Indian wines are slowly getting there..

Sula also offers a space where one can stay the night, there is help on call as well as a chef, television with satellite tv and even an infinity p0ol.

the three rooms are modern and spacious, well laid out and extremely comfortable. The entire living area is modern and an oasis of calm looking out to a large lake and planted vines.

the breakfast was aloo paratha served with fresh yoghurt and pickle. plenty good this, very tasty and quite a large serving.

the dinner was tasty too, black dal, paneer kofta and mixed vegetables served with rice and chapatis. One can order the food from a set menu which is fairly expansive.

Overall the stay was fantastic, the place was a revelation and it would be foolish not to visit here at least once.

A special thanks to our beautiful hostess Mitali and birthday boy Kunal for having us over !


bndq8.blogspot said...

looks interesting!! how far is it from mumbai..and whts the best way to travel up there and costing for the trip ? :)

Gaurav said...

its bout 4 hours from Bombay and on the outskirts of Nashik.

A round trip would take about 10 hours if you do it in a single day. wine tour itself is inexpensive about 250 per head or so with a wine tasting.

staying at Sula is great but must be booked in advance (16000 per night on weekdays and 25000 on weekends for 6-9 people including meals)

one can can also stay at Ginger (1500 a night) or Taj (5500 a night)

bndq8.blogspot said...

thanx a lot ..will be visiting there for sure..i have never been to wine preety excited about it!!we will try to manage it within a day..leave off early morning and head back at night!!
i hope it works :)
Do we need a guide?can we take a cab around?

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