Saturday, September 05, 2009

Impromptu Picnic - Oh, what a perfect day

Apologies to Lou Reed, he wrote about heroin but this is about a perfect day without the intravenously injected hard drugs.

This past Summer on our last day in London we ended up outdoors on a bright, blue, sun shiny day, the kind the English dream of. Having done our dining and shopping in the fortnight past we we walked aimlessly.

For some strange reason we kept walking towards Hyde park and bought what ended up being full picnic gear without having any prior plan of sitting on the ancient grass.

Hyde Park, it seems beckoned. Walking along we ran into the Kings Horse who were passing by in their finery and their guns. We followed them for a while until we reached Marble Arch.

and here is where we figured out what was calling. A perfect day, a bag full of food and green grass. Off went the shoes..

and out came the food. We had sandwiches, water, juice, chips and yogurt. not bad for 10 quid. the sandwiches were fantastic, hummus, peppers and carrots was sweetish sour. The other was Shapers Brie & Black Grape on Malted Wholegrain bread. Odd sounding combo but boy it worked well.

Its a pity, we dont get to do this more often in Bombay, not that many picnicking spots unfortunately.

Cant wait till im back in London again....

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