Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tea Centre

Rest : Tea Center
Loc : Opp Gaylords, Churchgate
Meal : Lunch

In keeping with Lulu & the Knife i found myself at Churchgate with a hungry stomach. Didnt have the car with me then so we decided to walk to my club (Garware) but i quickly remembered the Tea Center was open and decided to take the wife who had never been.

The tea room has been around for a long time and is a fairly popular eatery with all the office going folk at lunch. A recent renovation has turned the place out a little more dressed up but it has lost none of its old world feel.

The menu offers breakfast and snacks as well as a complete Indian & Continental fare, they also do a set meal for lunch. I usually got for the a la carte options and that is what we did this time around too. The Minestrone was not very minestrone like but was not bad.

The Bruschetta was a very odd thing to have at a place like the tea room, however with a little salt it turned out to be a very good little dish.

The tea room has a ridiculous variety and options for hot teas, however they do a pretty incredible lemon iced tea. I guess it would be a little unfair to come here and not have any tea..

They have these little bells which you can ring in case you need attention quickly (and you will find yourself ringing this bell at least once)

We had some bean on toast, not bad and thankfully not canned beans in tomato sauce.

The wife is a big batata vada fan and so we got these khopoli style vadas, garlicy good taste.

She also got the aloo paratha with curd, very traditional north indian breakfastish but not too bad.

Overall, the place is quaint and interesting, the food is not too bad. The service can be slow and forgetful but is fairly friendly.

Food : 7/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 700


The knife said...

it is indeed a different world from the rest of mumbai, specially if u dont have access to clubs. I must say that earlier avatar was more quaint though. The ice tea range was mind blowing. At that time i had a lovely veg dish called bihindi chatpata. I dont think its on the menu anymore

AndyB said...

I stayed just up VN Road from the Tea Centre when I visited Mumbai,and I thought it was tremendous. after a morning in Colaba, the peaceful atmosphere of the Tea Centre was just what I needed. after much of the tea we get in England, the quality of the tea at this place was stunning. The Club Sandwiches were great too!

Gaurav said...


yeah i think the newness of the place might give its quaint little nature a bit of a dampener. But i think with a little time the place will settle into its old charm.

it is indeed a lovely place, just wish they would catch up a bit on the food to make it all the more worthwhile.

The knife said...

Hey, I think I am also a bit biased as I had done a formal review there and met this wonderful gentleman who was managing the place.

I think it is pretty good, even now, in absolute terms



Juhi said...

Nice to see other bloggers also love this place!

I love Tea Center's kick-ass iced teas and chilly cheese toast, and the waiters were sweet enough to tell me exactly how they make the toast.

lulu said...

looks like we visit the same places but have different opinions ;)

Gaurav said...


yeah it looks like it, although we seem to go in fairly different directions when it comes to the menu :)

Priyanca Vaishnav said...

hast thou tried the apple butter tea? oh it is heavenleeeee!

Gaurav said...

I like tea flavoured tea.. Haven't been there forever.

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