Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cafe Basilico

Rest : Cafe Basilico
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Opp Radio Club, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

Basilico was one of the first restaurants to offer thoughtfully created gourmetish cusinine at relatively reasonable prices. Their menu changes on and off and a lot of the dishes on the menus simply kill. I have been going there for quite a while and have rarely had an off experience (previous visits here and here )

The food has a strong Middle Eastern bent but there is enough of Europe in there to keep everyone happy. The salads are attractive but the soups and appetizers are on the weaker side.

started off with an iced tea which was briliant.

the salad was the greek salad with feta cheese. no one can really go wrong with feta in my opinion.

the bruschetta was allright, the wife liked it but i was not too impressed.

the pasta tubes filled with cheese, spinach in a tomato sauce, is the best dish on their menu (used to be the Penne Gremalota which is now gone) and is actually one of the best dishes anywhere. brilliant, the rich tasty tomato sauce, the bursting tubes, they just go brilliantly well together.

this was the moroccan broth, which was veggies in a brown soup like broth, it was hot and pretty tasty.

it was served with couscous and they went brilliantly well together.

Overall the food was great, except for the weak appetizers, the service was quick and friendly. they have a large selection of desserts for the so inclined.

A great place to eat at, especially on a lazy sunday afternoon if possible.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1500

Cafe Basilico
Sentinel House, Near Radio Club
Arthur Bunder Road
Colaba, Mumbai 66345670, 66345671


The knife said...

my first interfact with Basilico was at the Sunday brunch at Colaba. We had a great feast then. Since then one had opened at Pali Naka, Bandra opposite to our house. Basilico has remained a favourite of ours and we have never been dissapointed. Their desserts are ver nice and I often cross over to get some when midnight pangs hit us. Which is very often. The presentation of food, as your pictures show, is quite good. Some of their good non vegetarian dishes are beef roulade and the Moroccan lamb broth. Their pastas are quite nice too

Gaurav said...

i pretty much agree with what you say, nice digs being opp Basilico, there are quite a few nice restaurants in walking distance.

too much temptation!!!

I think Basilico gets a bum rap, since it was the first one to move into the gourmet, well priced market offering some imaginative cuisine.

since then Moshes has stolen their thunder while Indigo Deli has come up as an alternative (though not half as imaginative)

The knife said...

yes am surrounded by temptation ;)

I think where Basilico scores for us is that the others have ignores us in the Burbs

Juhi said...

A couple of years ago, Basilico had some wonderful veg options.

When I went six months ago I was disappointed as most of their veg pasta based dishes were gone.

The pasta I did eat was excellent, but the choice was practically nil. After that, I have gone to Moshe's as he has a lot of veg dishes.

I hope Basilico has added more veg dishes now, I love it's relaxed bistro atmosphere, the delicious food and the desserts.

Gaurav said...


i agree, i think the choices have def narrowed down, they had this wonderful dish the Penne Gremlota which was incredible and unfortunately off the menu.

Although the food continues to be pretty good.

Moshe has def leaped far ahead with their menu, lot of imagination, plenty of veg options there. its like gourmet on a budget.

Anonymous said...

OMH, the Basilico at Bandra is such a huge favorite! Right from the ambience to the food, it never fails to disappoint!

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