Thursday, January 01, 2009

Indigo - New Years Day Dinner

Rest : Indigo
Location : Behind the Taj, Colaba
Meal : Dinner

Indigo continues to be a stand alone gourmet dining option towards the high end, the place continues to do well and we should have a Indigo sibling at the Mahalaxmi Race Course soon. It is also in terms of price stayed in the same band (which is great) without sacrificing on any of the imagination. Places like Prato, Wasabi, Dum Pukth, have taken over as the pricier options. So it offers a value for money proposition (in a sick twisted relative way)

Since we weren't really celebrating on New Years Eve we decided to do a dinner on new years day. We decided to go gourmet and ended up at Indigo. The place was emptyish when we got there for out 8.30 sitting but filled up as the evening wore on.

I decided to forgo the wines and went in for a Bloody Mary. Fairly good too, it could have been slightly tangier but not a bad start.

The wife had a citrus cooler that actually tasted like liquid candy. good stuff, i liberally drank from this as well.

i went for the goat cheese patty with grilled figs and a walnut vinaigrette and some greens on the side. Excellent, one can never go wrong with goat cheese, the walnut drizzle added a dash of taste to the greens, the figs were an interesting addition.

The tomato tatin was grilled tomato served with a side of cucumbers and tomatoes in a frozen pesto. The tomatoes were fantastic, the tatin was great too. The pesto and the little salad were just too cold to get anything out of them however.

The garlic bread was all right!

The sweet Garlic fettuccine was excellent, served with bits of walnut and sun dried tomato, it was a heavy tasting dish, i am not a big fan of white sauces but this one was alright. A good pick.

The gorgonzola & water chest nut risotto was served with sweet potatoes and charred onions. An excellent dish, most of the items by themselves didn't taste great but when taken in combination the dish really came together. excellent.

The chocolate fondant with a jalapeno is one of their signature desserts served with vanilla ice cream. Honestly its not really worth the 20 min advance notice it requires. The jalapeno again is innovative but there is no real point to it. I would have much rather gone for the creme brulee.

Overall the food was good, bordering on great. The service was excellent. The place is also not as expensive as some of the others ones i have been to , so though its costs a bit it does not hurt as bad. The only downside is they seem to have a lax dress code, they really ought to ban shorts....

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 3500

4, Mandlik Road
Colaba, Mumbai
: 66368980, 66368981


Lulu said...

hi gaurav
we went to indigo last week and i also had the sweet garlic fettucine which i agree was very good. i'm impressed with their veg choices which i believe is thanks to malini akerkar who likes to have at least 50% of the menu to be veg.

Gaurav said...


funny thing... i think the last time i was there you were too at the same time! Valentines day or something.

Gayatri said...

hi gaurav, read abt u in mum mirror but this site takes too loooonng to load. any ways m a foodie too and luv indigo both in town n suburbs.

thot i wud share my fav rest with u starting with KONGPOUSH at goregaon west near oshiwara bus depo off link road, the only rest serving authentic kashmiri food in mumbai with real big shikaras to sit and eat lovely roganjosh, goshtabas, seekh kababs, dum aloo and rajma that tastes heavenly. no wonder they say kashmir is heaven on earth! second is village at kandivli - gr8gujju food, gujju ambience with live garba too.

worth a visit both! check out their reviews and more details on hv fun!

Gaurav said...


not sure why the blog took a while to load. might have been an off day. do try again.

I rarely venture out into the suburbs as most of my friends and family live around South Bombay.

Thanks for your recommendations though, ill keep them in mind if im ever in the area.


Gayatri said...

m too a SOBOite gaurav, but i venture out to the suburbs and if u really r a foodie nothing beats a trip to kongpoush as that is the ONLY place u get authentic kashmiri food in Mumbai, real stuff, trust me as i was introduced to it by my aunt who is a kashmiri herself and vouches for the authenticity of the food. the ambience too is lovely with the huge shikaras making the trip frm town really worth it!

same goes for village which keeps on changing the look as per the season. do chek them out!

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