Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Rest : Trattoria
Meal : Dinner
Location : Taj President, Cuffe Parade

Trattoria is an old old city favorite, I have been going there for about 12 years and its always been consistent in cuisine, service, popularity and ambiance.Its also open 24 hours and one of the better options (vs something like Shamiana at the Taj or Marine plaza's Bayview) at 3am.

The place is designed allright but be aware that it is just slightly quieter than a fish market at full bloom (or boom) the people are loud.

I started with a mushroom soup which i did not find all that impressive. it seemed to lack a strong taste of any kind. It seemed more watered down in taste rather than texture. Weak would be the right word for it.

they have a decent selection of dipping sauces, we chose the spiced tomato which was excellent if a little too sweet.

The tomato soup was good, not as good or strong as say the one from ITC but it was still fairly acceptable.

The pizza was the coup de grace. Excellent. The thing was cooked to perfection, the cheese was just slightly sour. Good ol plain cheese was wow!

Overall the food was above average, pizza was great and the service was okay. The place continues to be consistent, loud and popular.

Food: 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2100


Hotel Taj President
90 Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Phone 66650808

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