Friday, October 10, 2008

Jumbo King

A vada pav is literally (bread & ball) the served like a burger, except its vegetarian and spicy. The ball is essentially a mix of peas, potato, garlic and sometimes green chilly. This is then mixed with flour and then fried. It is a cheap, quick and filling snack tremendously popular in Bombay and a must have.

Jumbo King is the McDonalds like Vada Pav vendor across Bombay. They were the first people to standardize the snack as well as offer a myriad options to spice (sometimes literally) the offering. Their product is untouched by hand unlike the usually hygienically suspect vendors across (the Jumbo vada is slightly more expensive)

They have a few centers across the city, mostly near the train stations.

The alternatives range from Regular, Schezwan, Chole (spiced chick peas) cheese and a new paneer makhani one. The pricing is between 6-16 rupees. You can also get a combo with pepsi & fries (though i have not seen any fries ever) you also get the choice of brown bread (which is brilliant)

I dont think i have had a vada pav any place else since Jumbo King opened up.


Anaggh A. Desai said...

Try Kirti College; Anand at Mithibai for a change of taste.

Gaurav said...

i like Jumbo because of the hygiene and innovation aspect. i never eat a roadside vada pav.

besides, too far in the suburbs....

Anonymous said...

When I was in school a long time ago the vada pav guy at the corner of Fountain near the second hand book sellers was outstanding. Hygiene was never an issue then as the oil probably killed all the germs dead on contact. Oh and the vada from the train sellers at Karjat/Lonavala stations.....good memories!

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