Monday, October 27, 2008

Indigo Deli - Its been a while

Rest : Indigo Deli
Meal : Evening Snack
Loc : Near the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba

Indigo Deli the younger more general sibling of the very accomplished Indigo continues to get stronger. Unfortunately they have not changed the menu in a fairly long time, though they have a few specials almost every day.

we started with some brilliant ice tea with a hint of mint, went down very well on a hot day.

the cheddar jalapeño sandwich was brilliant, very tasty, though it could do with a little more filling besides the jalapeño.

i foolishly avoided the spaghetti a decision i immediately regretted when my garlic & sun dried tomato risotto showed up. It looked goon on paper but just didn't add up. over salted under taste not a patch on the sinfully tasty spaghetti.

i finished off with a very fine cappuccino

and she finished off with a fine tiramisu. Complaining still that it didnt match the one she had in Milan. Oh well...

Overall, the place is the same which, in this case is not a bad thing. I just wish they could throw a little more imagination in the menu. The service is and always has been on the slower side.

Some of the cool things not to miss are the fantastic Spaghetti, the dulce de lece & the sangria.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1500

Indigo Deli

5, Ground Floor
Pheroze Bldg, Opposite Dhanraj Mahal,
Apollo Bunder Colaba,Mumbai
Phone 66551010


mangald said...

Did I ever tell you that photo idea is fantastic - really does add a lot to your reviews.

Shame you thought of it first!

Gaurav said...

there are times when it looks downright gross, especially when you are shooting dim sum or dal.. :)


The knife said...

Hi! I was skimmming through a few of your entries and on a lighter note wondered whether a bit of your experiences are also dues to the fact that you a are a vegetarian and therefore cannot taste the possible signature dishes. Eg a Deli is a Jewish concept and that is a meat based diet. Don't know if ID has stayed true to that. I have not eaten at kebabs and curries but again kebabs seem to be synonymous with meat. Ditto Oh Calcutta where they might have given you the heave ho once they heard you are a vegetarian.

On photos, daal and rice both do not phtograph well. The photos on some American food blogs are awesome. I am in two minds when I just have my cell during an impromptu experience (eg Indigo Deli). Should I post sub optimal pics or not at all

Gaurav said...

hmmm.... here is what i think.

firstly I dont consider Indigo to be much of a deli and not jewish by a long shot.

Secondly I have had veg food at places like Nobu in London & Wasabi in Bombay and both you would expect to have an intensely non-veg/sushi menu which they do. However they have brilliant alternatives as well as veg dishes on the menu that are pretty fabulous. So when you leave from there you are satisfied you have had a good if bankrupting dining experience.

I believe cooking has little to do with meat or lack of it. I have had steak at Smith & Wollensky and never got what the fuss was about (the hash browns were good though)

For example at Kebabs n Kurries , they i am sure do some great meat kababs but they have some amazing Paneer dishes as well as some fantastically mind boggling Dal Bukhara. My point is as a vegetarian i am not disappointed many places because i am not looking for something that will simulate a meat dish.. i am looking for a great meal. Authentic is great, adaptive is not problem either..

For pictures, 95% of the time i use my wifes phone camera as its better than mine. Its all about lighting. I agree there are times when things just dont snap very well but you got to try. I hate being the weirdo with the digital camera taking pictures of the food rather than people so i dont carry one anymore.

Best thing to do in my opinion is try and get the best light and take the pic before you dive into the food. Once or twice i have taken pics after weve started eating.. SCARY!!!!

The knife said...

Gaurav. I must say that I don't agree with you on this. Meat adds a variety to the palete (obviously since its more items). Great things can be done with meat. And it is worth the fuss!

Meat eaters would find it difficult to get spinach. But I am sure great things can be done with vegetables I am sure. To each his own.

I am sure Indigo deli is not Jewish I saw a sardar cook/ chef talking to people at the table. But that's the image you give when u call it a deli.

There is a German movie called Delicatessan whihc is about people becoming cannibals during WW2. Thats the other extreme and it was a whacky film before I put you off

Yes even I shamelessly take pics before eating

Gaurav said...

Dont get me wrong, i meant
a) it wasnt a deli because the kind of clientèle it attracts is fairly high end. Coupled with the wine list etc they offer it has the makings of a deli but not the spirit.

b) By Jewish i meant that the meats arent necessarily Kosher and it does stand missing some other traditional Kosher Deli items. As for the chef being Sikh, yeah of course, i know one of the chefs and he is a Hindu boy.

c) Meat eating or not is to me something you learn and acquire over the years. Therefore cuisines i reckon cannot be made or broken by the presence or lack thereof of meat. I say this because i have always made it a point to get to as many restaurants as possible in terms of cuisine and never have i felt that X cuisine has nothing for me.

There is a brilliant restaurant in upstate New York called Aladdins. They do organic food and they serve some of the most amazing Pasta i have ever had. Its brilliantly imagined and executed, you even get choices in the kind of raw pasta you would like. What they do is offer Chicken as something on the side not IN the dish.

So my theory is that the main concept of the dish is key as is the imagination it is created with, meat can can come in and enhance the dish but does not have to be central because a lot more goes into a dish than just meat or chicken (This obviously does not hold true for all things)

To me Santosh Sagar's Pav Bhaji is one of the greatest things in the world.

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