Monday, March 24, 2008


Location: Turf Club, Mahalaxmi
Meal : Dinner
Company : Ze Wife, Ze brotherhood

Gallops is a fanstaically located restaurant. The views can be magnificent but getting a table can be difficult as well. Try and score a reservation if you can.

We went in for a bloody mary when we got there and it was absolutely awesome. One of the better ones in the city. However at Gallops stick to the Indian food, the continental has taken a dive for the worse.

We started with the paneer shashlik. It was not bad but when we added the mint chutney it became fantastic.
Next was the fondue. Terrible choice, too much cheese not enough garlic or anything else. Its like eating a hunk of plain old melted cheese. Also, i hate it when people are stingy on the bread.

The main courses were Mexican & Italian. Honestly they were neither. The food was disappointingly, too much spice, not enough taste absolutely no finesse to anything. The Enchiladas and the Lasagna looked the same, heck it even tasted the same. The Mexican rice tasted like Biryani.

They do a good Indian meal but then thats what i thought about the European.

Service was slow but competent.

Food 4/10 Service 7/10

Damage 3000

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