Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 new restaurants i plan on visiting

Bombay is the veritable eating out capital of this country. Plenty of new restaurants open up quite often. However being creatures of habit we end up at old favs and being averse to traveling to the suburbs avoid 'their' restaurants.

Anyway my list of 5 restaurants to visit before the end of the year is

  1. Pure at Taj Lands End
  2. Vetro at the Oberoi
  3. Tetsuma in Colaba
  4. China House at Grand Hyatt
  5. Vong Wong t Express towers (which i have since visited and enjoyed)


Lulu said...

hi gaurav
we're also dying to try china house at well. my husband tried to get us reservations but had no luck for the next three weeks - how insane is that?!
vetro is a bit overpriced but the food is very good. perhaps corleone at interocntinental is as good for italian? i want to try that place also.
when you eat at vong wong, please tell them to control the spice - they always make it way way too spicy.
and try the bento box for lunch at tetsuma. heard it's very good.

Gaurav said...

3 weeks is insane. this isn't New York. I think they are just playing....

Vong Wong was so hot when they opened and they had a 3 day wait for tables which is just barely acceptable.

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