Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lemon Grass - Phoenix Mills

Rest : Lemon Grass

Meal : dinner
Location : Phoenix Mills, Entrance below Monza
Company : Rishi, Gotti.

Lemon grass is the town side version of the Bandra based Thai restaurant. Considering there are only a handful of Thai restaurants in the city to begin with (less than 5) it is a welcome addition. Also like all things town side its better than its Bandra cousin. Much better.

Meal : We started with the Tom Yum soup, which was a little too spicy and didn't have enough mushrooms or veggies in my opinion. However it wasn't too bad, not as great as some of the recent ones I have had (Vong Wong, Flamboyante)The tanginess was missing too. However if you don't think on those lines, on its own it was not too bad.

Then we moved onto to the appetizers which was the paneer satay (nothing else available since we didn't want potato or broccoli) Top notch this one, ensure you try this out, also use the sweet sauce to clash with the spiciness of the dish. Very good. They forgot to tell us that they didn't have the order of the thai pancakes in peanut sauce until 15 minutes into the meal so it was only one appetizer.

Next we moved onto the entrees which were the Thai Green Curry with Steamed rice. Again, the curry was very good, flavourful and just about perfect, except for the spiciness. We asked for a medium spicy one and it was still too hot. I don't mind that, its just that it makes it hard to savour the flavor if you are too busy with a fiery tongue.

The Mongolian stir fried bowl – Wow, this one was a piece of work. Again slightly on the spicy side but very very tasty. The veggies and the noodles (we chose wheat) worked very well together. This was def the one perfect dish of the evening. The portion was only enough for two people however, so we ordered the Pad Thai noodles.

The noodles were not too bad, too sticky in my opinion but the taste was just right. Would have worked nicely with a nice little veggie entrée but we had had quite enough by then so that was it. The dessert was a chocolate truffle which was slightly above average.

Beverages : Gin Tonic, Large Absolut-Sprite, Corona.

Overall, I would recommend the place as a decent Thai meal. It's a viable option and its very value for money. The dishes are priced very well, the taste is great (just ask them to make things non-spicy) However it is a great place to get a drink as well which are priced exceedingly well.
The service is a little scatter brained but they are attentive and more or less quick. The restaurant itself is not the best designed place, they could easily have made the bar shorter and had tables slightly more spread out. All in all its much better than the below average experience I had at Lemongrass, Bandra.

Rating : Food 8/10 Service 7/10
Damage : 1350 (800 food + 550 drinks)


Lulu said...

i'm always up for a new thai restaurant. will check it out!

Sharmi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have never been to Bombay so your blog sounds very informative.

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