Saturday, May 12, 2007

Salt Water Grill

Restaurant : Salt Water Grill
Location : Near Chowpatty Beach
Meal : Dinner
Company :Ze Fraulein

Experience : Last time i was at the SWG it seemed like the place to be. I dont know if its the monsoon coming or what but the place seemed a little on the rundown side. Lot of uncles & aunties, the group seating with curtains was shut. The whole place in general seemed a little rundown.

Drinks : Again, they had licensing issues so werent serving anything, so we got a pitcher of some pretty awesome ice tea (450)

Meal : We started with an appetizer of the camembert crostini (250) . Terrible, i didnt see the point at all. It seemed like they took some toasted bread, added some stuff and topped it off with a slice of camembert. Crap.
They had terrible salads last time i was there so we skipped entirely over and went to the tomato consome soup (210) which was very average. No great taste at all actually, quite a pointless concoction.

The main courses again, very limited and i dont get the obsession with zucchini. anyway we got the tomato and mascarpone risotto (350) penne georgetta (zucchini, garlic with a zucchini inspired sauce)
The risotto was sublime. Fantastic taste, just a smashing dish all around. The pasta was undercooked and had to be sent back. When it came back it was pretty ok, not bad at all but def not in league with the risotto.

Overall, the food was underwhelming. One dish out of 4 being good isnt a good sign (was the same last time too) I think they have begun to believe that they are selling the ambience as well rather than the food.

Rating : Food 4/10, Service 9/10

The service staff, was attentive and friendly and they were there everytime that you needed something. pity the cooking wasn't up to par.

Damage : 2000 (50$)

Salt Water Grill
2O Water Complex, Next to Mafatlal Swimming Pool
Chowpatty, Mumbai 23685485, 9820289619

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Anonymous said...

who ever owns it he must have brought up this concept of such a beautiful and romantic place...
is getting screwed up by the staff over there..
Specially the man at the reception ...
i went to celebrate my wife's birthday...
so i ordered for a cake which was intimated to them since morning... infact i called up thrice to confirm the event and he did confirmed it ..
but when i reached there ...
his statement was "...this is not a cake cutting place..."
and he also said "...if you just cut a cake here what bussiness i would do..."
i ordered for drinks and some food he said kitchen and bar is closed. i offered him to pay any amount for the cake.. then the statement came ...
"...this is not a cake cutting place..."
in short he embarrased me..
i think i went there as a fool...
i took my wife to Marine Plaza and celebrated a exotic birthday...
Anyways amazing restro with worst staff...

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