Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oriental Blossom - Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday
Rest: Oriental Blossom
Location: Marine Plaza
Meal: Dinner
Company : Mr&Mrs Jain, Mr&Mrs Bathija, Mr&Mrs Chabbria, Mr Patel, Miss Anie, Mr.Jain

The Decision : We were looking to go someplace with a group of 9 to celebrate my wifes birthday. The alternatives were China Garden ( no table at short notice) Golden Dragon (read dine here and become a Banana Republic) Henry Tham (untested weapon)

Since our fav Oriental place shut down (china white) and we absolutely detest Royal China Oriental Blossom was the only natural choice.

The Experience : It turned out to be a good move. We got a table for 9 and the meal was the best so far at Oriental Blossom. Usually the restaurant can be patchy or sho
rt of great but it has never been bad or below par.

The Meal -

Beverages: We ordered a bunch of beers Kingfisher(terrible) Heineken, Diet Pepsi.

Soups : Our soups were Wanton Soup (excellent) Tom Yum (not bad)
absolutely first rate. Although the tom yum has been wildly inconsistent but it was ok this time.

Appetizers : Potato in dry red chilli (good) Grilled Wanton (not bad) Some mushroom thing (not bad again)
The Boys

Main Course : We got Hakka Noodles ( excellent, very well done) we got two different veggies one was the regular veggies sans broccoli in an Oyster Sauce and the other was Stuffed Mushrooms in their hot sauce. The veggies in the oyster sauce were not too bad but the Mushrooms were just fantastic. Too good, this one dish is the highlight of their meal service. Its hot (temp) and tasty.

Dessert : We cut a cake.

Overall : The meal was pretty good. The service was slow and scatter brained at times which was disappointing. Mrs Bathija had been to Royal China recently and China Garden and said this was by far a much better meal than any of the others. Overall its a def place to visit and can easily become your regular Chinese joint. If only they were slightly more consistent with food and service they could jump a notch and enter the real of the 9's on this blog.

Rating : Food 8/10, Service 7/10

Damage : 6500 ($175) (includes additional alcohol)

Oriental Blossom
Hotel Marine Plaza
29, Marine Drive, Mumbai 22851212

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