Thursday, May 03, 2007

The greatest Tiramisu in the whole wide world !!!

Mrs.Jain at Galleria De Viottorio Emannuelle

After a day spent walking around the Piazza Del Duomo we walked into the Galleria De Vittorio Emmanuel, this is one magnificent building. Glass roof, so high that you never realize you are inside. Surrounded by Prada, Louis Vuitton its quite a heady place for shoppers (not as heady as Via Montenapoleone however)

Usually we avoid eating in any place where tourists abound. but we were enjoying the building so much that we decided to sit down for a meal there itself. From that meal i recall a fantastic gastronomic experience. After a mediocre meal and even more mediocre wine we decided to see if we could hit the hat trick and get some mediocre dessert. So we got the tiramisu to share.
Of course neither was too excited about it but then we took a bite. Then a pause. Allowing the taste to spread and envelop it self all over the inside of our mouths and then hit the short circuits to all parts of the brain which then sent it all the way down to my toes.

Fantastic, like no other Tiramisu i have had, before or since. until now the mrs, keeps cribbing that she wants Tiramisu like the one from the galleria.

It turned out to be so good, that we had to get our own twice (at 4Euro a pop it cost as 16Euro in tiramisu alone)

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Lata said...

wow! I love Tiramasu and I always make it a point to eat it (even if I am full) in Italian Restaurants.

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