Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crepe Station

Rest : Crepe Station
Meal : Dinnerish
Date : 1/5/2006
Location : Bandstand, Bandra.
Company : PK, Anie

Experience - I was promised pancakes. Somehow i found pancakes, but they only offer them at Breakfast (i know its a breakfast thing but come on. have a heart) my fluttering my eyes didnt work either (not that it has before) The place itself is strictly ok, not too many tables, i reckon around a dozen, service is on the slowish side and its not that great in terms of decor either. It was reasonably crowded.

Drinks - Orange Juice, Thums up

Food : They have an impressive menu, for a restaruant their size, A bunch of diff cuisines, soups etc, Which kind of makes you wonder how they really do with the food and consistency. I got a Caprese sandwich which was excellent, my mates got some paneer sandwich, which was good too they said. It wasnt a bad meal at all, the chips were ok too. Its a nicely set up joint but then id have to go there 2-3 more times to sample the rest of the food. Quite frankly Bandra is out of my jurisdiction.

Rating : Food 8/10, Service 6.5/10

Damage : 350 ($8)

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