Sunday, May 28, 2006


Rest : Soam
Meal : Dinner
Date : 28/5/2006
Location : Babulnath
Company : Gautam

Experience - It is a 7 min walk so we just winged it. originally intending to go to Food factory but impulsively went across to check if there was space. i guess we hit a slow patch and were seated immediately. Service was reasonably prompt.

Drink : Diet Pepsi, Kala Khatta (not bad) Mango Lassi (very good)

Food :Quite an ethnicish menu serving some south indian and bombay fast food. but majority of the menu is gujarati and maharashtrian. we had the misal pav, which was good, tasty but i think a bit too spicy. we had the chana masala with puris, not bad, the paneer makhani with parathas which was good and the mung dal khichadi which was crap. Overall the food was not bad but on the average side at best. Patchy, inconsistent and frankly, not what i expected. i was expecting an ethnic feast but i think for tht you have to go to smaller restaurants in like populated locales.

Rating : Food 6.5/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 385 ($9)


indiatravel said...

Soam is nice place to eat. I had been there some 67 - 8 months back. The service is very fast. & the food is good. Any one looking for Chowpatty food stuff with good hygiene & ambience should def. go there. There is also other Gujarati variety to eat.

Niraj said...

Hi Gaurav, came across your blog while generally surfing. Even i have started writing about my experiences about eating out in mumbai on my blog .... let me know if you wish to put my link in your blogroll and vice-versa ...

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