Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Saltwater Grill

Rest : Saltwater Grill
Meal : Dinner
Date : 29/4/2006
Location : Chowpatty, Bombay
Company : PK

Experience - We got there a bit early and fortunately it wasnt as busy then so we were seated right away. the place has a fantastic ambience and is a great place to stay and hang out. A bottle of wine, old friends, memories. The place is highly recommended even though the food was inconsistent. I would def go there again if only for a bottle of wine.

Drinks - Water. They werent serving alchohol for some excise protest. Goddamn revolutions ruined this world and my dinner.

Food : Hmm, this was a mix bag. We started with a mushroom soup and broccoli and irish cheddar. Mushroom was great but Broccoli (vilest of reeds) was quite shameful. We went for a greek salad with feta cheese and grilled veggies with Ricotta. The greek salad was ok, the feta fresh but the grilled veggies were absolutely horrible and bland and i only got a dollop of ricotta. Not enough to create some taste. Also, the appetite not being what it used to be we got one main course and split it which was Spagetti in a Pomodoro sauce and it was absolutely incredible. Excellent taste (almost like Little Italy) very good. The dessert was a chocolate monstrosity which was recommended and to be ordered 25 mins before actually eating it. Unfortunately i think they could have done with about 50 mins coz it tasted like bournvita. Absolutely useless. I mean i would have been better rubbing it all over my body and rolling in the mud rather than eating it.

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 1800 ($40)

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Mitez said...

cool place to hangout - romantic!

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