Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Tale Of Two Thalis

As mentioned before, i was parked at the Saifee Hospital for a bit and took an outstation guest for lunch to Golden Star which is just around the corner. For some reason Golden Star has never really been high on our radar, perhaps because my dad never favoured it and also because it has no parking available.

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Thalis have become more and more about excess, cramming things in and offering vareity as well as more and more desserts.

While the food on the whole was pretty good, no complaints with quality or taste. I do think that adding Dal Bati which was strictly okay was excessive and its not quite Gujju. The Undhiyu too is always around in these months but is a specialist dish it should be done carefully. I am not a fan of puris either, a bhakri would have been kind of good.

In any case this was my guests first thali ever and he loved the experience. The service was pretty slack and i had to pretty much ask for everything i wanted which is the sign of a badly run crew. The dhokla showed up only twice.

Price wise, it was def not cheap, 400 bucks per person is hefty.
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One of my fav meals, this one, i cant go more than a month without a visit. this one too was pretty spectacular, Luckliy enough on a weekday we were able to get our tables without too much of a wait.

Overall, nothing new except the awesome food but the beans which were very tasty but seemed kind of odd, i wouldnt have expected them in a meal like this. Will check up on this when i can but there is little to complain about here. Rasam & Sambar were terrific, the buttermilk was super spicy and yoghurt as it should be - tangy. The tamarind chutney was awesome too.

Bliss. at 150 bucks.


pooja mahimkar said...

Where is the second place?

Gaurav said...

@pooja the second one is right next to Matunga Central Station

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