Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sharma's at Tarabag

Ever since i was a kid, my folks have been taking us to Sharma's for Chaat,  since its located on a very busy street, we attack it like gureillas with someone watching the car while the others gorge, or we take a cab.

Although i haven't been here in a while because i hate being the guy stuck in the car during peak hours.

Recently I was parked out at Saifee Hospital next door, which meant i was at Sharma's a whole lot, sometimes twice a day for my meals.

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The Kanji Vada, is a rare thing to find, this is the only place i know where these are available, they can be hit and miss, the taste depending on how well the water has been pickled and for how long. The guys here serve it nice and cold, which i love.

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The Dahi Puri, is another specialty, the dahi can be cold sometimes which is not much fun but this is rarely a miss.

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the Ragda Pattice is easily the star here. love it. served UP style, although not fried red, like the northerners like it.

The space, is cheap, even now, each dish is about 30 rupees. My mother swears by their Pani Puri and they do serve more things like bhel, sev puri, dahi samosa, etc. So its a short but varied enough menu. And you are served almost immediately.

Do check em out if in the area. 


Bhaskar said...

Gaurav, can you pls share the address / location in greater detail. Thanks

pooja mahimkar said...

Oh this post has got me nostalgic. I used to go here as a kid so many times. I think it's time I revisit it.

Gaurav said...

@Bhaskar - find Saifee Hospital opp Charni Road Station. There is a lane before the hospital if you are coming from Opera House and heading South. In the lane, its the fourth of fifth shop. its very small. opens only in the evening. let me know if you need more specifics.

@pooja, nice to hear that. def go give them a look. you will find it hasnt changed much. enjoy.

desh said...

first place I heard of where you get Kanji Vada in Mumbai...very common in northern parts of the country

Gaurav said...

@desh its the only place i have seen in Bombay which serves em.

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