Thursday, July 10, 2014


Rest : Prego
Meal : Dinner 
Loc : Inox 2, Nariman Point

Back at Prego after quite a while for a family dinner the place certainly does not look worse for wear  

Since i was in the area, i ended up at the restaurant early but fortunately i was able to nosh on some bread and delightful tomato salsa.

i also sipped on this halfway decent Bloody  Mary 

my fav thing about mu last prego visit was their anti pasti platter which it turns out its still pretty on the money. However for whatever reason they have gotten rid of the little hunk of gorgonozola or bleu they served along with. 

the lasagna rolls were disappointing, not going anywhere taste wise. 

The stuffed mushrooms were strictly okay. 

Spaghetti in pesto was pretty good, i wish they threw in some sundried tomato in here but it was pretty decent. 

the penne arabbiata was okay, spicy but that was about it. 

loved, loved the pizza they do it pretty well. thin crust, nice sauce. slick. 

the espresso creme brulee was gone in 20 seconds. lightl, fluffy and pretty effing tasty. 

Overall, the food is decent, they continue to do the staples well but their appetizers kind of falter. If they just take things up a notch flavour wise, it would be something. The menu is however fairly generic, so expect no real surprises or experiments.

Service is quick and friendly and the menu is well priced.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damages : 5000 for 5 with one cocktail 

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