Friday, July 04, 2014


Rest : Hakkasan 
Meal : Lunch 
Loc : Bandra 

I haven't been a fan of Chinese for sometime now as it really messes up my system the day after. So i have been mostly avoiding eating Chinese out. My kid brother on the other hand is a big, big fan and gets a lot of take away from China Garden which is close by.

However he swears by Hakkasan which is is his fav Chinese eatery in Bombay, in fact having studied in London, he was a fan of Hakkasan on Wardour St.

Somehow, getting to Hakkasan never quite worked out but this past week i got an opportunity i couldn't pass up. I frequently dine with some friends and got the opportunity to finally check the space out. (@anaggh, @theflyingsikh, @girishmallya) 

All i drink in the day.. 

The dim sum platter was fantastic, the black fungus dumpling was exquisite as was the crystal dumpling. The chive dumpling and the lotus roll were excellent as well. 

i think these were the carrot cake, spicy but excellent. 

these might have been the wild mushroom and veggies wrap, can't be sure but i remember eating most of em and they were pretty kick ass. 

stir fry french beans were a win, i wouldn't have ordered em, choosing a regular gravy main but this was excellent. 

the (relatively) weakest dish of the evening was the stiry fry lotus root with asparagus. 

i think this was blueberry sorbet with what looks like a blueberry cheesecake, both were awesome, the sorbet was something else. 

the mango fingybob was excellent as well. just loved it. 

cant recall the name of this one but was spot on. 

creme brulee was excellent as well. 

Overall, the food was excellent, kid brother says the London flavours are a lot lighter, so the dishes have certainly been adapted to an extent but they are still fairly different. There is plenty of choice and there are some delicate flavors which is not something Chinese in India is known for.

The Michelin star in London is certainly well deserved according to my kid brother but the Bombay branch is no slouch.
The desserts too were just tantalizingly good. They have a lunch special nowadays where they do a three course lunch which is vfm, although the restaurant is not nearly as expensive as its made out to be. It's not cheap but it certainly isn't extravagant. 

I joined  my friends who were there on invitation from the restaurant, so will not rate the food as such but i will say its worth a go.

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